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Winter Rentals

March 6, 2021 by admin


For winter rentals during the winter months (generally between early to mid-October and the end of April) the motorhome water system is winterized. The fresh water system is not protected from outside temperatures so in order to help minimize potential damage caused by freezing cold temperatures we encourage you to use your best judgment during your rental at all times. We have included some suggestions below regarding usage of the water systems during the winter season but please remember that you are ultimately responsible for any damage that may occur during your rental.

Water and Sinks and Drains

As the water system is winterized there will be no fresh water available in the coach. We recommend bringing jugs of fresh water to use for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, etc. While using water to cook and clean you will still need to add RV Antifreeze to the sinks as they flow into a different holding tank than the toilet system. We recommend using a quart of antifreeze to every gallon of water poured into the sinks to help prevent the holding tanks from freezing. Please be aware that you are still ultimately responsible for the water system and any damage caused by frozen pipes, etc.

Using the Toilet During Your Rental

The toilet system has been winterized for winter rentals. In order to “flush” the toilet you will need to add RV Antifreeze to the bowl during each and every use and flush. We recommend using -50 RV Antifreeze and to use around 1 cup to every flush. We do sell RV Antifreeze at a discounted rate that can be purchased at the time of orientation. If you bring your own it must be Propylene Gylcol RV or Marine Antifreeze that is approved for fresh water systems.
If you purchase RV Antifreeze from Alaska RV Trip we will credit you for all unopened Antifreeze bottles upon return.
WARNING: Frozen holding tanks will result in additional charges to your rental.

Propane and Batteries

Because of the extreme cold temperatures that you can encounter throughout Alaska, the batteries in the motorhome may not maintain their charge overnight. You may need to start the motorhome engine periodically throughout the night to keep the batteries charged or plug into a campground’s electrical hookup. Also, you may not be able to refill your propane tank if outside temperatures reach -25 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

Furnace Operation

The furnace works on propane and is turned on at the inside thermostat. The furnace will be cycling much more frequently during cold winter nights. This will require you to charge your coach batteries before going to bed each night if you are not plugged in to an electrical supply. We suggest you charge your batteries by starting the automotive engine and letting it run for 30 minutes before you go to bed. To conserve on propane we suggest you turn your thermostat down while you are not in the motorhome to 60 degrees and then turn it back up to your desired comfort temperature while you are in the motorhome. During freezing weather the heat must remain on at all times.

Driving During Winter Conditions

Winter driving conditions are unpredictable and drivers need to exercise caution and use good judgment while driving. Please maintain good stopping and driving distances. We recommend checking road conditions before leaving and are able to adjust plans according to weather. Alaska RV Trip is not responsible for road closures or any challenges that may occur during your rental due to winter conditions. This would include getting stuck or driving on an unmaintained road. Use of chains on the motorhome tires is prohibited as damage to the wheel wells, sidewalls and tires will occur.