Included with Every Rental

Get a 5 Stars Stay…

At Alaska RV Trip, We Understands that great service, reliability and comfort are part of an amazing experience  

Alaska RV Trip we offers value far beyond a simple RV Rental. We offer the added value so our guest have everything necessary for a Trip to remember. At Alaska RV Trip we offer a full line of quality amenities to make your motor home experience feel like being at a 5 stars Hotel. We also offer a host of value-added support services that most companies cannot, or will not, offer without additional fees. We do this to while having an adventure you won’t forget. 

Value & Service At No Additional Charge

Standard Package Includes

Each and every motorhome rental includes complimentary linen, cleaning, cooking, and dining set for up to 4 people and 2 sleeping areas.  Additional passengers beyond 2 people will be added at a low one time fee per person.  Also, additional linens, towels, pillows, and more can be purchased when you arrive to pickup your rental (subject to availability).

Bedding & Linens




Kitchen & Dining



Towels & Hygiene






Additional Passengers Items

If your party has more than 4 people, each additional passenger will incur a small one time fee per rental duration to include bedding, towels, and dining outfitting in your rental.  Additional items includes:

Optional Rental Items

(Prices listed are one-time fees unless a per-day rate is indicated)

We highly recommend renting many of the optional items so you can make the most of your motor home rental.  These items can be selected when you make your reservation, or at any time on or before your pickup date.  Simply login to your account, or give us a call to select the items you would like during your rental.  If you decide to wait until your pickup date, please know that some rental items may no longer be available and the price at pickup is subject to change (only preselected prices displayed).

Tea KettlePreselected Price $8Coffee MakerPreselected Price $10BBQ DeluxePreselected Price $25BBQ PremiumPreselected Price $39.95King Salmon Fishing RodPreselected Price $10 per dayRed Salmon Fishing RodPreselected Price $10 per dayTrout Fishing RodPreselected Price $10 per dayFirewood .75 cu ftPreselected Price $8GPSPreselected Price $20 per dayKeurigPreselected Price $25Inverter 400 wattPreselected Price $4.35 per dayLawn ChairsPreselected Price $9.50ToasterPreselected Price $15Rice Cooker 2-8 cupsPreselected Price $20Rice Cooker 4-20 cupsPreselected Price $30